Beeautiful bows to add a to your costume! 

Please note: Backbows do not come stitched to the costume. They are better off placed/stitched when the dancer is wearing the costume to ensure they are placed correctly on the body.

Available in two sizes..

- Backbow 18cmx12cm

- Hairbow 12cmx7cm

- Small Hairbow 10cmx6cm


1. Bow Colour

2. Centre Wrap Colour


Colours Pictured in Order:

Escape Supplex

White Supplex

Neon Pink/White Spots

Salmon Rose Supplex

Icecream Print - IceBlue

Icecream Print - Orchid

Icecream Orchid + Aquamint Centre

White Supplex + Neon/Pink White Spot Centre


Bow Size
Bow Fastener
Bow Fabric
Wrap Fabric