Our bestselling CALI SKIRT attached to your bottoms of choice! 

Perfect for lyrical troupes, solos & photoshoots!

Skirt length avaiable from 60-100cm

Measure skirt from Hip Bone to Ankle.


Colour 1: Bottoms + Waistband

Colour 2: Skirt Colour


Colour pictured:

Matte Tropical + Tropical Chiffon (HB Briefs)


If you would like to add this style to a leotard; please see ADD A CALI SKIRT. 


  • All of our shorts & briefs attached to our skirts are fully lined, with a soft, high quality Elastane lining for your comfort.

    Our Skirt/Briefs can be customised to our four main WAISTBAND Styles depending on your personal choice! See our BRIEFS & SHORTS Page for reference.

    • Alice Waistband – 5cm finished width
    • Cinderella Waistband – approx. 10cm finished width
    • Aurora Waistband – Crossover Front/6cm finished width
    • Lilo Waistband – 7.5cm finished width