Our Emerald skirt creates the look of a tutu but without the price!

It consists of a 5cm lycra covered waistband with 3 layers of gathered tulle attached. Works amazingly when 2 black layers sandwich a bright colour! Great for a rehearsal skirt or a photoshoot!


If you are adding this skirt to a leotard etc, you will find this in the Level 2 Skirt Upgrade option.


Please order as per list below.

Colour 1: Waistband Colour:

Colour 2: Layer 1/Layer 2/Layer 3


Colour pictured:

Black Waistband + Black/Lagoon/Black Tulle Layers

EMERALD Tulle Skirt

Waistband Size
Skirt Length
Band Fabric
  • INDEPENDENT Skirts - Skirts that don't come with briefs/shorts attached. These are skirts on waistbands only or available to add to BRIEFS/SHORTS/LEOTARDS/LEGGINGS.

    This range of Skirts can be customised to our four main WAISTBAND Widths depending on your personal choice! If you are attached to another garment, select N/A.

    • 20mm Width
    • 25mm Width
    • 38mm Width
    • 50mm Width