We just love our new LAGOS Crop! Trimmed with 20mm wide Straps that crossover at the front of the neck & fasten at the back.


Colour 1: Base Crop

Colour 2: Trim Straps


Colours pictured:

Matte Lilypad + Matte White


Crop Fabric
Straps Fabric
  • This is definitely a personal choice!

    • BUSTBAND: a soft fabric only band attached to the bottom of the crop. Better if you don’t love things too tight/if worried about ‘cutting in’. Total crop length will end up slightly longer than the ‘Stitched Elastic’ option. Requesting a contrasting coloured Bustband is a great way to add a pop of colour to your crop!
    • STITCHED ELASTIC: 20mm elastic is sewn on to the bottom of the crop, turned under & stitched securely. Better if you like your crops to be on the tighter side! The Stitched elastic option will end up slightly shorter than the Bustband option.