An independent SASH Style Skirt ready to add to any pair of SHORTS, BRIEFS or LEOTARD. The MAGNOLIA Sash straddles the side seam; reaching 3-4cm either side. Available on the left or right side & tapered to a point at the bottom!


We can also wrap it around the bikini clip at the top back of your crop so you get a beautiful feature.


Option 1: Style you Wish to Attach the MAGNOLIA to

Option 2: Skirt Colour


Colour pictured:

Sheen RoseGold Skirt attached to MALEFICENT Briefs on RIGHT


  • INDEPENDENT Skirts - Skirts that don't come with briefs/shorts attached. These are skirts on waistbands only or available to add to BRIEFS/SHORTS/LEOTARDS/LEGGINGS.