Beautiful & trending MESH LEGGINGS.

Worn over or under your dancewear!


If you wish to order these with Briefs attached; see MESH LEGS/Briefs.


Colour 1: Leggings

Colour 2: Waistband


Colour pictured:

Paradise Pink Mesh w Highwasited Stitched Elastic.

MESH Leggings

Inseam Length
Waistband Style
Legging Fabric
Waistband Fabric
  • Our Leggings can be customised to our five main WAISTBAND Styles depending on your personal choice! We also have a HIPSTER & HIGHWAISTED Stitched Elastic Option if that’s your jam! See our BRIEFS & SHORTS Page for reference.

    • Alice Waistband – 5cm finished width
    • Cinderella Waistband – approx. 10cm finished width
    • Aurora Waistband – Crossover Front/6cm finished width
    • Lilo Waistband – 7.5cm finished width
    • Roll Top Waistband – 15cm unfolded/8cm folded.
  • Refer to your INSEAM Measurement when choosing your Legging Length.

    • Inseam is measured from crutch to desired length on the inside of the leg. Person needs to be standing up to gain an accurate measurement; so best to ask someone for help!