Our Briefs now with attached Mesh Leggings to add a contemporary flavour to your routine. The Mesh leggings are made seperately to the briefs & are attached at the waist. So they basically act as an attached pair of 'tights'.


If you would like the MESH LEGGINGS without the briefs/shorts attached; please see our new MESH LEGGINGS product!


Colour 1: Brief Colour

Colour 2: Mesh Legging Colour


Colour pictured:

Wine Velvet (Fabric Upgrade)/HB Briefs + Wine Mesh Legs


MESH Legs + Briefs

  • Refer to your INSEAM Measurement when choosing your Legging Length.

    • Inseam is measured from crutch to desired length on the inside of the leg. Person needs to be standing up to gain an accurate measurement; so best to ask someone for help!