A Long CHIFFON skirt set on a 50mm waistband; our stunning MOTHER NATURE Skirt is crossed over but open at the centre front and features a gorgeous long train at the back.

The ultimate photoshoot skirt! 


Colour 1: Waistband

Colour 2: Skirt


Colour pictured:

Metallic Rosebud Band + Rosebud Satin

Shiny Emerald Band + Emerald Chiffon


Length in photo:

90cm Front --> 180cm Back Train.


Waistband Size
Skirt Length - FRONT
Skirt Train - BACK
Skirt Fabric
  • INDEPENDENT Skirts - Skirts that don't come with briefs/shorts attached. These are skirts on waistbands only or available to add to BRIEFS/SHORTS/LEOTARDS/LEGGINGS.

    MOTHER NATURE is only available with a 50mm Waistband