Our bestselling ALICE Hotpants with an added 'MESH' wedge on the side of the leg. Available in any colour combo of your choosing. If you wish to have a LACE wedge in this style; see our SWEET LACE HOTPANTS Style.

Wedge also available in Plain, Printed, Metallic, Sequin & Urban Spandex,


Colour 1: Base Shorts + Waistband

Colour 2: Wedge Colour


Colour pictured:

Blackcurrant Twist + Black Waistband & Mesh Wedge.

Salmon Rose Supplex + Sweet Lace Coral Wedge


If you wish to add legbands to this style; see MOANA Shorts.


Wedge Fabric
Shorts Fabric
Waistband Fabric
  • Our Shorts are lined with high quality elastane lining.