Our MARILYN Style Leotard with a straight CARA bustline. Highneck, full mesh low back & zipper.


Colour 1: Leotard & Neckband

Colour 2: Mesh


Colours pictured:

Black Supplex + Black Mesh


Photo courtesy of prixdelausanne.org

Named in honour of TSWIFT & the beautiful TAYLOR CIAMPI who designed & wore this style leotard as her Contemporary costume in the 2015 Prix De Lausanne competition.


Leotard Length
Leotard Fabric Type
Mesh/Lace Fabric
Zip Colour
  • Majority of our Supplex leotards come with 'shelf bras' for support (subject to design) & our basic lightly coloured spandex leotards are fully lined.

    We will add a shelf bra to most spandex Adult size leotards at our discretion; if you 100% require/do not want a shelf bra, please leave a note with your order.

    If you would like a shelf bra in addition to lining & vice versa, JUST LET US KNOW!

    Please Note: any leotard with a centre front panel, deep V, mesh torso or waist cut-outs does not include a shelf bra.