A 3 half circle CHIFFON skirt set on a 5cm matching waistband it's tapered from short front to longer in the back!


Colour 1: Waistband

Colour 2: Skirt


If you wish to have their style with briefs/shorts; see PERIDOT Skirt.


Colour pictured:

Matte Aquamarine + Aqumarine Chiffon

Shiny Mosto + Mosto Chiffon


Waistband Size
Skirt Length - FRONT
Skirt Length - BACK
Band Fabric
Skirt Fabric
  • INDEPENDENT Skirts - Skirts that don't come with briefs/shorts attached. These are skirts on waistbands only or available to add to BRIEFS/SHORTS/LEOTARDS/LEGGINGS.

    Our WATERFALL Skirt is only available with a 38mm or 50mm Waistband.