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THE PERFECT MATCH; your guide to matching our fabrics; costume designing made easy! 


Lycra® is PERFECT FOR COSTUMING! Please choose from this range if you're purchasing for costuming purposes! Also great for strap highlights on our bestselling strappy crops & leotards.


We have an extensive range of Matte & Shiny Lycra colours which also contain a matching Stretch Mesh, Lace or Chiffon.

See our WHAT'S NEW THIS YEAR Page to see all of the new additions!

Matte Finish Spandex

Shiny Finish Spandex




These beauties are super gorgeous & they are special as they stand alone as colours and only have one or zero direct matches to anything else in our collection! 

But that just means you can mix them with ANYTHING! For a little pop of colour or to use as they are, these gorgeous colours will be sure to make you stand out in the crowd!

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