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PVC is 'it & a bit' right now! 4-way Stretch Vinyl now available in an amazing range of colours!


Denim Spandex now available to purchase in Black or Classic Blue!

Beautiful Stretch Satin has been added to our range after many requests! Available in a limited amount of colours.

Please note this fabric is only one-way stretch & snags easily; so care must be taken when handling. Also note; this is different to the SKIRT SATIN (Non-Stretch range that we have available. You can find this one the CHIFFON-ORGANZA-SATIN Page.

Scroll to the bottom of the page to find our full range!!

  • PVC (Stretch Vinyl)

  • Denim (NEW & Fabulous!)

  • Stretch Satin (NEW & Beautiful)


Add a PVC, Denim or Satin finish to your dancewear or costume from an extra $5.00 per piece.

See our STYLE UPGRADES section to purchase!


Great for costuming, great for the stage!

PVC Colours


DENIM Colours