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Karina Doig



I'm Karina Doig; & I am a hard-working & passionate maker of all things costume & dancewear! Being a high-level competitive dancer & calisthenics girl for over 25years I can understand the way a dancer's body moves & how comfort should come at no cost to design.


I work in collaboration with my clients; incorporating their vision with practicality & comfort.  I've been lucky enough to receive some amazing industry opportunities that have helped me to create my own place in the costume industry with Couture Costume by Karina Doig.


It's amazing to be able to work with dancers of every age & genre from around the world & I aim to make sure that every client receives 5 star customer service along with a garment that they 'want to wear forever'.


Thank-you for joining me on this incredible journey, we are celebrating our 8TH BIRTHDAY in 2022 which is incredibly exciting!

Our little team of 6 work very hard out of our workshop in Rowville, growing, expanding & learning everyday. Karina, Nikki, Cadi, Kat, Charli, Amanda, Tina, Lauren, Julia & Katrina work to bring you Couture Costume Dancewear. We cannot wait for you to see our brand new 2023 Collection.


Much love & Thank-you for choosing Couture

Karina xxxx


To our stunning & talented models we can't thank-you enough for your professionalism & expertise during our photoshoots, you are just amazing & couldn't imagine anyone better to represent our brand.






To our amazing photographer JACLYN GITTUS; what an incredible job you always do, helping to visually create the 'perfect' photoshoot. Your talent & dedication to our business is greatly appreciated, we cannot thank-you enough.




To our amazing photoshoot make-up artist JULIA DOIG from Yay Beauty;

you make our gorgeous girls look even more beautiful than they already are! 

Make sure you're following her on Instagram & Facebook!! 


yay beauty logo.png


Thank-you for allowing us to use your photos & promote your fabrics to our customers. We are very greatful to have such a wonderful relationship with our suppliers.


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