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NAMED IN HONOUR OF EMMELINE PANKHURST; a leading British suffragette, who played a militant role in helping to gain women the right to vote. An open off the shoulder leotard with full length mesh sleeves.


1. Base leotard Colour

2. Sleeve Colour


All of our Supplex leotards come with 'shelf bra' for support & our spandex lMajority of our Supplex leotards come with 'shelf bras' for support & our basic coloured spandex leotards are fully lined. We will add a shelf bra to most spandex Adult size leotards at our discretion; if you 100% require/don't want a shelf bra, please leave a note with your order.


If you selected 'Fabric Upgrade' as your fabric choice; please see the STYLE UPGRADES page & select 'MAKE IT METALLIC or MAKE IT VELVET' etc to upgrade your dancewear.


Colour pictured:

Black Supplex + Rose Mesh Graphite


Leotard Length
Leotard Fabric Type
Sleeve Length
Sleeve Fabric

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